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is for you. 

Lakewoodgrace is a contemporary church for people who enjoy life and struggle with life.

It’s a church for the believer, doubter, skeptic, addict, questioner, and wonderer. 

It’s a church for nerds and cool kids, artists and accountants, jocks and mathletes.

We welcome sinners, losers, outcasts, and winners.

Soldiers, veterans, civilians, first responders, secret agents, ex-cons, and cons that haven’t been caught yet (be cool though!) are welcome here.

Lakewoodgrace is a church for families, singles, happily married/unhappily married, newlyweds, widows, widowers, divorcees, dating couples, and people who can’t get dates.

Lakewoodgrace is for you!

Lakewoodgrace is the offsite ministry of The Little Church on the Prairie

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Sunday mornings are always wonderful, but we have plenty of other reasons to get together. 


From volunteer opportunities to small groups, and supper club we have an event for you. Click below to learn more.